integrated healer


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Talk Therapy
Shamanic Practitioner
Reiki Master
Life Coach Certified

Certification in Elementary/Early Childhood Education
Children’s Author/Self Published “Where is Love” book set.

Former Personal Trainer and owner of Onyx Fitness Studio/ Former Fitness Competitor & Power Lifter
Competed and placed in WNPF, OCB, ANBF body building associations.
Mother of 4
I consider myself to be a wounded healer. The loss of my son in 2000 followed by several other traumatic events in my life led me down a path of spiritual growth.
Everything that I thought I knew to be true was proven wrong. I sunk to the bottom into a pit of darkness. There I dwelled stumbling around searching and searching for light. I was an empty shell just existing.
I knew that there was a way out. I began to seek answers and see life in a different way in order to find my way back to a place of peace, self love and light.
There is always hope. No problem is too big. No darkness can overcome you if you are willing to trust in yourself. Invite me to guide you to your place of truth. I will hold a lantern for you and light the path to help you to see what binds and blinds you from healing. Your truth is your healing.

Goals and Purpose

-My goal and my purpose is to help you identify sources of imbalance in mind, body and spirit.
-Help you create changes and new pathways so you can discover new things about yourself which will raise your energy vibration.
-Show you how to identify when you are walking off the path and teach you ways to get yourself back on the road of life.