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Where is Love
by Danielle dolce

A whimsical book set illustrated by my son Gabriel who was seven at the time. It reminds adults to look for the positive qualities that life offers, while teaching children that love can be found in both obvious as well as obscure places. 

When my second son passed away in 2000 shortly after his first breath it was a time of confusion and transformation. It was then that I made a promise. Deep in my heart I knew that after I picked up the pieces I would one day turn a tragedy into something positive.

The message of this book set is what pulled me through hard times. The innocent nature of the artwork began in the winter of 2008. Gabriel drew a picture of a whale and asked me if his illustration reminded me of love. I told him that it reminded me of a smack of a whales tail in a calm deep ocean. He wrote down what I said under his picture, and decided to hide many tiny hearts within his illustration. He then asked me to count how many hearts I could find. Gabriel told me that his hidden hearts would remind people to always look for love. He continued to present new illustrations and asked me to add text. Gabriel continued to hide tiny hearts and as the illustrations piled up, I realized we had unintentionally created an entire book set, and that this was the beginning of fulfilling my promise.


Children are naturally in tune with their surroundings. They are very open, perceptive and intuitive. As we grow older we file into line and that dream like state of mind gets crushed by society. Often times adults brush kids off to the side. Their voices do not get heard. This can develop into a sense of mistrust and often will result in anxiety and acting out.  A cry for being heard.  My early years teaching preschool and also third grade were some of the most memorable years in my career. I felt honored to be in the presence of such magical minds. Children have always been amongst my greatest teachers and it is an honor for me to show them how to love and respect themselves. Expanding on their open state of being comes so naturally and effortlessly. I will teach them how to meditate to develop better focus so they can center themselves.  I can show them appropriate ways of communicating so they can effectively be heard, and also how to get along with others in this evolving world.  

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$30 for a set (Volume 1 and 2)

$18 each
Can be purchased directly through me or online.


love is everywhere:
sometimes we just have to look for it

Find the hearts all around us