It's Time to Start Your Spiritual journey

My services provide an integrated, eclectic and holistic approach to mental and spiritual well being. There is a cosmic dance connecting science and divinity. Your truth is in your healing.
I use a wide variety of metaphysical elements as tools for self discovery, healing, wholeness and an overall state of balance, well being and contentment.
-I honor anyone who simply is open to healing.
-Individuals, couples, family, children (accompanied by guardian with written consent).
-I honor all religion, race and sexual orientation. 
-Anyone who is on this walk of life and lost their way or struggling with overwhelming issues that are preventing you from becoming who you want to be.
-Those who are on a spiritual journey trying to find deeper meaning within themselves.
-Those who are open to traditional and standard means of therapy such as talk therapy. Essential to healing is having a good listener. Not only can I understand your situation, but I can read between the lines through intuition and a deep sense of “knowing” and “seeing” to get to the heart of where your hurt is.
-Those who are open to metaphysical and energy work to bring yourself closer to the world of spirit and embark on a healing journey to find answers.
-Anyone who wants to learn how to protect yourself and close off your sacred space from energy zapping people and unnecessary drama.
-Individuals who need help breaking through false beliefs that are interfering with your life.
-Anyone who would like to discover your gifts and hidden talents. Showing ways you can share these gifts with others to spread light and help our earth to heal.
No two people are alike therefore no two sessions will be the same.
Each client is treated on an individual basis and together we will discuss healing options that most resonate with you, your situation as well as your comfort level. I will initiate a brief phone conversation prior to our session to determine if we are in alignment. You can browse the modalities and techniques below prior to our phone consultation to get a better understanding of what is available however ultimately, I will intuitively know and suggest what combination of energy work will be of most value to you. I take an eclectic approach and integrate various tools of healing because that is what comes most natural to me in serving you. 
Will mostly consist of talk therapy and getting to know you on a deeper level. The more information I know about you and your circumstances, the deeper we can go. This is not the time to repress or hold back. The truth is what heals and brings forth the light. If it hurts too much and you are not ready to reveal yourself we will start there and honor that space. After the session I will spend time reflecting. I will surround us with light and meditate on how I can best serve you. This is a process. A  life journey. A flower needs time to bloom. Do not expect to have all of your issues solved or all of the answers served to you in a neat little package with a bow attached. Spirit does not work in that way. Please have patience and please trust in the process. Some things belong to the mystery of life and cannot be answered because we are not ready to understand. 
After each session ends we will review key points and I will send you home with practice to do on your own as reinforcement. It could be in the form of art or writing therapy relevant to our time together. It could be in the form of connecting with nature or some chakra opening stretches just to name a few examples. 
There will always be a teaching component because ultimately my goal is for you is to be able to use what I teach you so that you can apply it to your daily life during times when you need it most. There is a saying that states “A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who helps you to find the key within you, for your own ability to heal”. You will be doing “the work”. I serve as a vessel or a conduit to help guide you towards the light illuminating the way. This type of work is healing for both the client as well as the practitioner.

A word about something people fear due to lack of understanding. Negative energy. Low vibration energy are a few words that freak people out when doing work that is spiritual in nature. First of all everything that we do will be done in love and in light. We are protected in a sacred space and inside a bubble of protection from a divine source so nothing negative can enter or interfere with our work. Darkness and light are both parts of existence represented in yin and yang. Fearing it only gives it power. I will help you to understand how to manage low vibration energy by simply understanding that it does exist and allowing it to dwell in its own space rather than in your space. Bee hives exist however we do not go into the woods trying to locate one so we can poke at it. As a matter of fact darkness does serve a purpose because we can learn from it. It can show us our strengths and weaknesses. This is shadow work. No matter how dark it gets we can always see light if we look hard enough and seek help when needed. Many of us are unaware that we are living in a vortex of negative energy. We live in a zombie state of mind not realizing that we are indeed asleep. Shadow work can help you look deep within and discover what happiness truly would look like for you.
Traditional Elements of Psychology and Talk Therapy


Reiki/Energy Work
Chakra Healing
Healing Stones and Crystals

Oracle cards

 I refer to them as cards that offer inspiration because they can give you a fresh perspective on how to view a situation. I have found that using oracle cards helps teach us how to verbally set an intention. Helps us to learn how to manifest things that we want by simply having a thought. These cards are NOT Tarot cards. Oracle cards are broad and universal themed cards that initiate us all to think deep beneath the surface of how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.


I use yoga, mindfulness, deep breathing and stretching to connect mind, body and spirit. This will help to open up chakras and balance energy in areas where we hold emotional pain throughout our physical body.

 Suggestion of regular and appropriate forms of physical exercise within your health limits and consented by your physician can also be of great value in conjunction with our spiritual work. 

stained glass, spiral, circle

Deep meditation

Journeying is a deep form of meditation where I guide you to trust yourself and seek answers from your higher self. Can be done either seated or lying down. This can also incorporate automatic drawing or writing if desired. 

We can journey to the past or to a past life to help you discover information about why you may have certain behaviors that you don’t understand. 

We can journey to other unseen realms to give insight and provide a way to have a direct revelation.

We can journey to meet out spiritual helpers. We will meet power animals, guardian spirits and teachers all known as helping spirits, making us feel loved by the power of the universe and connected to the spirit that lives in all things.  

We can journey to help us discover our purpose in life and help us find our way when we feel lost in our life circumstances. 

Journeying can be used as a tool for setting an intention to resolve a specific issue or just for the joy of self discovery in any area of your life where you want to tap into the depth of your mind.



Shamanism is an ancient practice that is relevant to all of us today who are seeking a life filled with harmony and good health. I have been called to Shamanism because it restores balance and peace back into our lives and to the planet. There is a great respect for nature and becoming more connected to the earth. Looking to see how the imperfections of the world around us create balance. Back to simplicity.

Shamanic Drumming during journeying and other elements rooted in Shamanism will be used in our healing sessions if open to this type of healing. The ultimate goal is to create a healthy inner landscape. You will grow from within.  

fingerprint, art therapy, therapeutic discipline

Art therapy

Creating our own mandalas is a way to feel  connected to all things in our universe and understand that there is no separation. Coloring, clay, water color painting, doodling and automatic drawing are all ways to connect with your higher self. Many of these can be examples of guided practice work at home.

buddha board

Automatic drawing that connects you to a place of deeper spiritual meaning in your life. It is inspired by the Zen belief of living in the moment and focusing on the journey rather than the destination. You paint on the board ‘mindlessly” with water and step back to watch as a story unfolds as the water image changes and morphs as it dries. Some people prefer to draw specific images while others randomly scribble. 


Dreams are a part of our subconscious mind that tell a story about what we are suppressing or simply to show us information that could be helpful in our daily lives. Sometimes it is difficult to understand or even remember our dreams however they are very symbolic and unique to each dreamer. Everything that happens in a dream is part of an answer to a personal question or situation you need clarity about. Answers can be suggestions and appear through symbols or metaphors. Dreams inspire us to expand our perceptions of ourselves and of our situation. We can explore recurring dreams or explore translating what the symbols in your dreams are trying to tell you.

fountain pen, note, notebook


Automatic writing connects you to a place of deeper spiritual meaning in your life. It is a free form of writing that gets reflected with whatever words first come to mind. There is no need for correct grammar or punctuation and some of it may not even make sense. However this form of writing can help release negative energy, fears and blocks which have created trauma. It can help you to let go of things that you have been holding onto that do not allow you to come into alignment with your life’s purpose. You become a vessel of divinity as you write down words.